List Of 13 Chartered Accountants in Chandigarh

Chartered Accountants in Panchkula​

In India, one of the most sought-after career paths has been chartered accountants. Although it is difficult to enter this field, if you do, it offers a fantastic career path, a competitive income, and widespread recognition. People appreciate chartered accountants for a variety of reasons, but one of them is that it’s not simple to obtain their title or their salary.There are multiple Chartered Accountants in Panchkula​ but i would like to shed a light on top List Of 13 Chartered Accountants in Panchkula​.

Chartered accountants are experts who operate in a variety of economic fields, managing an organization’s finances, giving financial advice, and assisting with money management. This could be for a company, a person, or the government.

Why do we need chartered accountants?

Chartered accountants are essential to how businesses are conducted. They provide guidance, assurance, and data that help shape important business decisions.

The aforementioned industries are continually in need of chartered accountants. You can manage a company’s accounts, finances, taxation, or auditing by working for a company or organization. You can also work on your own and provide your services to anyone who requests them.

Here Is The List Of 13 Chartered Accountants in Panchkula

1. DARCO & LLP – Chartered Accountants in Panchkula​

D A R & CO LLP Chartered Accountants have emerged as a full services accounting, tax & audit firm providing a wide range of services to clients in India and abroad. We are prominent Chartered Accountants in Panchkula​ and have been providing services since 2013. We offer services in Chandigarh TRICITY and other major cities in India. Our motto ‘Experience, Excellence, Timely Services’ exemplifies our approach to value-oriented service delivery.

Contact Details

Website: https://darcollp.com/

Phone No.085580 23889

Location: SCO 40, Cabin No. 10, Second floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

2.Rakesh Kanwar & Co.

Since its founding in 1990, Rakesh Kanwar & Co. has grown to become the best CA in Chandigarh and has acquired a sizable competitive presence throughout all of North India. We run our business out of offices in Chandigarh (headquarters), Delhi, Karnal, and Yamuna Nagar and provide a comprehensive spectrum of services to our clients, including tax, regulatory, and risk consulting services. The company supports the creation and management of commercial entities. With the aid of professionally qualified staff and colleagues, it offers legal & professional services relating to compliance needs of all relevant laws applicable in India.

3. Hemant Shah & Associates

Hemant Shah & Associates, a partnership firm, is known for its commitment to excellence in customer service, professionalism, and efficiency. We cherish relationships and take pleasure in providing individualized service that is catered to the requirements of our customers. Our goal is to offer a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ business needs. We hold the title of Best CA in Pune.

The whole range of financial and accounting services, investment consulting, project appraisal, and services relating to all kinds of business and corporate agreements are all offered by us as chartered accountants. No matter if they are sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs, or Private Limited Enterprises, we specialize in offering startups end-to-end help. Our familiarity with the Indian ecosystem places us in a prime position to offer comprehensive help with Indian company registration.

4. Sandeep DR GARG & Company

Sandeep DR GARG & Company provides a variety of services that are catered to the demands of our customers. Accountancy, internal and management audits, direct and indirect taxes, business setup, and BPO/KPO setup are all included in their range of services. The services, which specialize in offering start-to-finish assistance to startups, include company and LLP creation, shop act registration, IEC code, MVAT/CST registration, and excise registration. Reach out to this advisor at any time.


EGAN & ASSOCIATES is a professionally managed firm.The team is made up of recognised tax consultants, corporate financial advisors, and chartered accountants. The company combines a variety of specialist abilities that are designed to provide clients with individualized proactive services and reliable financial guidance. The organization is able to stay up with modern advancements and cater to the demands of its clients since those connected to it frequently engage with the industry and other professionals.

6. Sumeet Mahajan & Associates 

If you’re seeking the Best Chartered Accountants in Chandigarh​ for your accounting, income tax, and GST needs, you’ve come to the right spot.

We at Sumeet Mahajan and Associates, Chartered Accountants, offer the best services available in the market for all of your financial, ITR, tax, and tax-saving needs.

For your convenience, the following is a list of our many services:

7. Balwinder & Associates

Five full-time partners make up the business Balwinder & Associates, which has locations in Mohali, Chandigarh, and New Delhi.

Fellow cost accountants, company secretaries, chartered accountants, attorneys, and other professionals in their disciplines make up our professional team.

Our offices are completely contemporary, equipped with the latest technology, and connected to one another. The partners share the same aim of providing prompt and effective services at all costs. They are young, active, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking. Our team is well-equipped and includes CMAs, MBAs, CMAs with some experience, Commerce graduates, trainees, and interns.

8. Goyal Gupta & Associates

Jindal Goyal Gupta & Associates is one of the top organizations in Tricity Chandigarh, India, for chartered accountants.. We actively engage in Taxation, Regulatory, Transaction Advisory, and Audit & Assurance as a multidisciplinary practise.

Four partners with combined expertise of more than ten years make up our core team. Our Multi-Disciplinary Team / Associates of employees are made up of Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Engineers, Company Secretaries, DISA / ISA professionals, and Cost Accountants, all of whom have the necessary business and technical skills, experience, and knowledge base to provide our clients with personalized solutions.

9. Sunil Arora & Associates

Since its founding in 1984, Sunil Arora & Associates has advanced significantly by absorbing knowledge and honing abilities to support its clients in reaching higher standards of excellence. Sunil Arora & Associates is a company that is expertly managed. Reputable chartered accountants, financial counselors, and tax specialists make up the team. The organization is able to stay up with modern advancements and cater to the demands of its clients since those connected to it frequently engage with the industry and other professionals.

10. A.K. Chadda & Co

A.K. Chadda & Co., a company with its headquarters in Chandigarh and registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), was founded in July 1988. A group of highly skilled, seasoned, youthful, and enthusiastic partners that have a flexible approach to providing clients with value-added benefits make up the firm.

11. Navneet Company

Leading chartered accounting firm Navneet Company offers a wide range of professional services, such as audit, personnel management, tax consulting, management consulting, accounting services, and secretarial services.

We have connections with a broad spectrum of experts in their respective domains, including other Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Advocates, etc.

The company has contracts with numerous banks, army command centers, the Indian armed police, and various governmental agencies.

Accounting, auditing, tax planning, ROC filing, VAT and service tax registration, assessments, company incorporation, and other services are among the many that are provided. We understand business in the truest meaning of the word, which includes the crucial roles that thorough accounting and taxation play. We offer our clients a targeted strategy for long-term development and expansion. 

12. Kapil Sandeep & Associates

The company Kapil Sandeep & Associates is expertly run. The group includes eminent individuals. The company combines a variety of specialist abilities that are designed to provide clients with individualized proactive services and reliable financial guidance. The organization is able to stay up with modern advancements and cater to the demands of its clients since those connected to it frequently engage with the industry and other professionals.

13. M V Y & Associates 

M V Y & Associates is a rapidly expanding team of CAs, CPAs, and CSs that offers a range of services including accounts, audits, taxation, investment, RBI matters, legal & secretarial services, business processing, project financing, and the application for various licences. We offer genuine CA services throughout India, including in Punjab, Chandigarh, and other cities. In terms of obtaining customer happiness and doing the task correctly and on schedule, we are the best chartered accountant/consultant.

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