Trade Mark Registration in India

Trade Mark Registration in India

A Trademark Registration in India is an identification that a corporation, company, or firm uses to identify itself and to conduct business in this global market, whether that business is limited to selling goods and services within the nation of origin or on a global scale.

A trademark can also symbolize a company’s offerings, purpose, values, motivators, passion, idea, scope, reach, conception, origin, inspiration, and personality, which helps to distinguish “The Business” from the competition.

Why Is Trademark Registration in India So necessary?

  • It displays your distinctive personality.
  • It aids in fostering your consumers’ loyalty and trust.
  • It provides the identity of your brand with legal protection.
  • It protects against unlawful use of your brand’s identification, which is a benefit in and of itself.

How to Register a Trademark With DAR & CO LLP

Online trademark registration is more difficult than it first appears to be. Numerous procedures are involved, as well as government oversight. You’ve been helped by DARCOLLP, who has done the majority of the job and divided it into three sections. Today, registered your trademark to safeguard the name, tagline, and branding of your business.

Step 1: Trademark Search

Our specialists will conduct a comprehensive search of the trademark database once you have provided us with the essential details about the product or service you wish to register as well as the sector in which you work. This is done to determine whether the trademark you intend to register is already taken.

Step 2: Class Selection and Document Collection

The next step is to choose the class or classes that are right for your company. However, you shouldn’t worry too much. In order to cover every element of your organization, the classes you choose will be guided by our specialists. In your dashboard, you may simultaneously begin uploading each of the necessary papers (a list is provided below) for trademark registration.

Step 3: Trademark Application Filing

Our team will check all the papers after you have uploaded them. After that, on your behalf, the trademark application form will be completed and filed with the supporting documentation. Your application will be accurate and error-free thanks to the efforts of our staff.

Until the registration is finished, we will keep you informed about the procedure and keep an eye out for any alerts from the Trademark Registry.

Step 4: Trademark Objection (in some cases)

The examiner could occasionally have some inquiries concerning your application. You have 30 days to react to this trademark objection notification that has been delivered to you.Our experts can assist you in preparing a strong objection response, the required papers, and supporting documentation.

Step 5: Trademark Opposition (in some cases)

A third party may potentially decide to reject your application. In that scenario, you must provide the Registrar with a counter-statement within two months outlining why the opposition is invalid. The Registrar may decide to dismiss the opposition or schedule a hearing based on your response.

Here is the Top 10 Trademark registration companies  in india

1. Dar & Co LLP- Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants D A R & CO LLP has established itself as a full-service accounting, tax, and audit firm offering a variety of services to clients in India and overseas. We have been offering services as well-known chartered accountants in India since 2013. We provide services in Chandigarh TRICITY as well as other significant Indian cities. Our commitment to providing value-oriented services is exemplified by our motto, “Experience, Excellence, Timely Services.”

Contact Details

Website: https://darcollp.com/

Phone No. –085580 23889

Location: SCO 40, Cabin No. 10, Second floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

2. Regalguru

A group of business advisors called Regalguru is committed to serving your legal needs. We are aware that starting a business requires more than simply money and ambition. To ensure the success of your business, structure, legal counsel, and other resources are required. RegalGuru can make it simple for you by taking care of all of your certification and business license needs at a reasonable price.

3. Legal Guard

Your Dream is Our Goal.

Their consideration of achieving your vision to be our goal, and we will stop at nothing to achieve it. By offering high-quality, reasonably priced services online, we assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in starting and expanding their enterprises.

4. Corporate INDIA Consulting

Corporate INDIA Consulting, located in Delhi’s Rohini Sector 22, provides a variety of services to help you with the intricate and constantly changing accounting, tax, and compliance difficulties you encounter on numerous fronts. Our firm’s goal is to offer clients a “one-stop Solution” for all of their financial, legal, and commercial needs. They are dedicated to assisting business owners in making informed choices about their new initiatives and startups. We assist our clients in creating and implementing a single focus plan that identifies the actionable focus areas necessary for attaining next level growth using our sector-neutral expertise.

5. Aksh Ip Associates

AKSH IP Associates is a boutique law company with a focus on intellectual property law that was established in 2015. The company is made up of seasoned attorneys and patent agents that have the requisite knowledge to provide you trademark registration in India  and protect customers’ intellectual property assets and help them enforce their IP rights.

At AKSH IP, we put the needs of the client first and adhere to the principle of offering knowledgeable services in a welcoming manner. We recognise that with new inventions and a quickly expanding industry, founders need to protect their intellectual property assets. We offer the best services at competitive prices to help inventors meet their intellectual property needs. Being a client-focused law practise, we furthermore offer legal help to our consumers who are dispersed across

6. Veena Quality Services

In response to regional requests for ISO, ISI, CE, N

ABL, Trade Mark, and other Consultancy and Calibration related Services, VQS was founded in 2005. It is located right in the middle of Delhi. It emphasizes ISO Management System Consulting, ISO Promotions (which incorporate training), and ISO Downstream Technical Services (which include calibration services and Instrumentation). It has helped more than 450 businesses become ISI & ISO certified in the short time it has been in existence.

7. Global Jurix LLP


In 2002, Global Jurix was founded. It is a top-tier law company in India that specializes in corporate, commercial litigation, and intellectual property laws and offers a comprehensive range of legal services. In comparison to other law companies and law offices, we offer the greatest, most specialized, and most affordable legal services, making us one of the top mid sized law firms.

Our business is renowned for providing important legal advice and solutions. For our expert legal work, we have achieved a desired level of recognition in India. Our firm’s highly skilled lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, CAs, CSs, and patent agents, among others, are prepared to meet the demands of a worldwide corporate environment.

8. RCA & Associates

The top chartered accounting firm in India, RCA & Associates, offers a variety of business services, such as accounting, auditing, tax consulting, management consulting, company law issues, financial services, restructuring and valuations, international collaboration, import-export consulting, transfer pricing, manpower management, etc. Through the expertise of our experts, we offer the best possible solution and consulting for their unique concerns in order to satisfy the individual requirements of the customer.

9. Raj & Associates

Greetings from Raj & Associates. This company was established to offer several tax-related services in India. This company has been offering its services for the last six years under the direction of Mr. Rajeev Kumar. In order to give his customers the best results for the least amount of money, Mr. Rajeev Kr. Solanki, Member of the Bar Association of Gautam Budh Nagar (Regd. ), Bar Council Enrollment No. UP04372/15, provides all tax consulting services with the highest level of professionalism and objectivity.

10. Corporate Wheel

Individuals, organizations, and corporations may handle all of their legal, secretarial, financial, and tax-related issues with Corporate Wheel, which is located under one roof. It is one of the Delhi-NCR region’s fastest-growing corporate consulting firms which help you in trademark registration in India, assisting business owners, particularly college start-ups, in expanding and surviving in the fast-paced legal sector.


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